Spectrum Analyser

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Current version: 1.1.2


Spectrum Analyser is an application that shows the frequency content of the audio data currently recorded by the sound input device you select. You can choose to analyse any sound input available on your computer. Common ones are the microphone, internal CD and AV connector. It makes use of real-time signal processing algorithms to display the spectral data as the sound is grabbed by the computer. Since version 1.1, standard sound files (AIFF) can also be opened and viewed frame by frame. It can be usefull to musicians for tuning and viewing the harmonic content of any instrument. Engineers and students who need a Spectrum Analyser in the audio frequencies can also plug a wire terminated audio jack in the microphone input and probe a circuit. Because it supports various sampling rates and bit sizes, Spectrum Analyser version 1.1 now runs on all Power Macintoshes and PowerPC based Performas computers.

Using Spectrum Analyser

The application is designed to look like a real Spectrum Analyser. The interface is very intuitive. With the controls avalaible in the display window, it is easy to zoom on a specific feature, change the resolution or freeze the display to copy or print a nice looking spectrum. You can easily customize the colors. It is also possible to specify what to copy in the clipboard, either the drawing, the data or both. The sampling rate and bit size used for recording can be changed under the "Input device" item under the "Options" menu. To view a sound file frame by frame you can either select the "Open..." item in the file menu and navigate to choose the file you want or drop one or more AIFF file on Spectrum Analyser. You will then be asked to select some settings before each file can be analysed.

Version History

Scheduled Improvements

We plan to add nifty features such as: Of course your feedback and suggestions are more than welcome.

Registration Information

Spectrum analyser is a US $10 shareware. Kagi Shareware services are used to collect fees. Almost all payment methods are accepted by Kagi. A registration application is included in the distributed package.

Downloading Spectrum Analyser

Spectrum Analyser 1.1.2 can be downloaded from various public sites.

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