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Denis Poussart

Computer Vision and Systems Laboratory
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Université Laval
Sainte Foy (Québec), G1K 7P4




email: poussart@gel.ulaval.ca

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Ph. D., M. Sc., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Electrical Engineering)
Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Leiden (Biophysics)
B. Appl. Sc., Université Laval (Electrical Engineering)
B. A., Université Laval

Research Interests

Activities, responsibilities

Since 1968, I have been a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and involved in the development of a research thrust in the area of computer vision.

Over the years the Computer and Vision System Laboratory has graduated over 200 master and Ph. D students. The Laboratory is active in 3D vision, virtual environments, image processing, pattern recognition, non-destructive inspection, and biological vision. Its research program involves numerous collaborators.

The Laboratory is an active participant in the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems, a large university - industry consortium which is part of Precarn Associates and which operates under the Networks of Centers of Excellence of Canada. During Phase I and Phase II of IRIS, from 1990 through 1998, I was a coordinator for the network in the area of intelligent perception and a member of its Research Management Committee and our research focused on 3D sensing, modeling and supporting architectures.

In Phase 3 of IRIS, which started in April 1998, I have been closely connected with Vertex, a 4-year Project whose acronym stems from "Virtual Environments: from 3d Representations to Task planning and EXecution".

Vertex objective is to effectively integrate resources in advanced sensing, modeling, simulation and interaction in order to support the planning, training / rehearsal and execution of complex tasks. Issues related to detailed behavior representation and rigorous control of time are paramount. Furthermore, since such applications typically involve interactions between several users with different needs, the Vertex HMI provides for multiple views of a given (complex) scenario. In order to achieve high performance computation of extensive models, its simulation engine is implemented as a cluster which is while from the Beowulf approach but which uses a hard real time OS and object sharing through real-time Corba. Up-to-date information is available here.

The on-going test beds of Vertex include the maintenance of underwater structures and minimally invasive surgery. These are being developped in a VR facility which we have been building through funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation.

Other current responsibilities include

Publications (partial list, refereed / invited)

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Awards, distinctions


My current undergraduate teaching, cource GEL-21405, is in the area of design, which I have always seen as being at the core of an engineer's education. Web sites (in French) are available here and here with current activities and discussions. For a number of years I have also been teaching graduate cource in Scientific Writing and Communication, GEL-64324.


I was born in St.Denis d'Oléron, France and am signaled in this town web site. I received the Canadian citizenship in 1954.

My wife, Nicole, an historian, has developped heritage walking tours recalling the outstanding events that took place in Sillery, including the assault upon Québec by the British troups in 1759, an event of tremendous importance for the future evolution of North America.

We have three daughters. Caroline is a program manager in international development at Socodevi, Brigitte is an analyst in information technologies at CEFRIO and Pascale is a Ph.D. candidate in Earth and Planetary Science at Harvard.

In an earlier part of life, my research has been mainly in the area of communication biophysics and I have been a visiting researcher at the Marine Biological Laboratory, in Woods Hole, for extended periods from 1973 through 1985. This wonderful area is second home to our family.

And here is a more recent photo!